Super Brush Supports Successful Surgeries!

Super Brush Supports Successful Surgeries!

When you or a loved one is having surgery, it is likely that a Super Brush swab is part of the procedure. Super Brush swabs are used to apply chlorhexidine gluconate, a pre-surgical skin antiseptic that protects against infection.

There is no doubt that there has also been an increase in laparoscopic surgeries. With the increase of these surgeries, there has been a need for effective, efficient tools. Super Brush offers custom designed foam swabs for OEMs developing kits for cleaning trocars.

Super Brush’s trocar cleaning swabs are vital tools when removing debris and fluids from trocars so that the camera vision is not obscured. These incredible tools effectively save critical procedural time.

For more information, contact about how we can develop a swab specific to your requirements.

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