(Case of 2,500 Swabs) 71-4502: 4.125” Overall Length Foam Swab with Small Flexor Tip Foam Mitt and Polypropylene Handle


Part Number: 71-4502

Buying Options:

  • Case of 2,500 Swabs: A case includes 5 bags of 500 swabs

Product Description: 

4.125” small flexor foam mitt swab. White non-reticulated polyurethane foam on a black polypropylene plastic extruded handle.

  • Head Width: 4mm, .15”
  • Head Length: 13mm, .495”
  • Handle Width: 4mm, .15”
  • Handle Length: 92mm, 3.63”
  • Overall Length: 105mm, 4.125”


  • All cases usually ship within a timely manner (2-4 business days), however, in peak times this case may take several weeks to manufacture and ship. If you have a question about shipping please email us directly at customerservice@swab-its.com. Your case order gets into production on the day of order!

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