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90-0103: Thermal Printer Cleaning Kit w/ Wipes, Cards, Swabs and Gloves by Swab-its®


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Swab-its® Brand New Cleaning Kits

90-0103: Thermal Printer Cleaning Kit Just $47.99

Swab-its® Thermal Printer Cleaning Kit includes: Dry and Wet Foam Swabs, EZ Device Cleaning Wipes, Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards and Black Gloves!


  • (25) Swab-its® Foam Swabs: 71-4501
  • (25) Swab-its® 99% IPA Cleaning Swabs: 56-4501
  • (5) EZ Device Cleaning Wipes by KicTeam
  • (5) Thermal Printer Cleaning Card (3"/76mm) by KicTeam
  • (5 Pair) SemperForce Black Gloves

About the Kit:

Dry Foam Swabs:

  • 71-4501, 5" large rectangular foam mitt swab. White non-reticulated polyurethane foam on a polypropylene plastic handle.
  • Ideal foam swab for any cleaning and detailing solution.
  • Made in the USA by Super Brush LLC

Wet Foam Swabs:

  • 99% IPA Solution Foam Swab
  • 5" polypropylene plastic handle with large rectangular foam tip mitt.
  • This IPA swab is the 71-4501 with a IPA solution in a foil wrapped pouch.

SemperForce Black Gloves

  • SemperForce® black nitrile examination gloves by Sempermed are designed for demanding work environments where your safety and comfort are a must. A textured surface promises secure gripping capabilities. SemperForce® black nitrile gloves are ideal for automotive, industrial, tattoo, and cosmetology applications.

EZ Device Cleaning Wipes by KicTeam

  • This Device Cleaning Wipe is designed to remove grease and grime from a wide range of devices that are susceptible to environmental contaminates (such as Registers, Drive Thru Headsets, Drive Thru Coin Dispensers, Digital Menu Boards, Digital Photo Screens, and Outer Device Casings). These wipes are saturated with EnVanish™ Device Cleaner and take the guess work out of which item is safe for your device exteriors. These wipes will not scratch or leave residue.

Thermal Printer Cleaning Card (3"/76mm) by KicTeam

  • The Thermal Printer Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® is designed to remove the most stubborn contaminates. The US, Canadian and Australian patented design of raised and spring-loaded platforms is used to clean the printhead and provide enough tension to rotate the platen for a full circumference clean. Use this product with every change of paper stock to maintain optimum printer performance.


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