(NOVINKA) Pytel 24 špiček Gun-tips® od společnosti Swab-its® 5 "velké povrchové tampony pro spouštěče, akce a studny: 81-9901-1


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New Swab-its large surface met the test

I received the new Swab-its just at the right time. I just came back from teaching a Scholastic Action Shooting Program coach class and had 12 guns that needed cleaning after a cold wet weekend of use. They worked great for getting up in the magazine well of the Ruger Mark IV's, and the Volquartsen Scorpion. Also worked great on the Glock to clean the large inside areas of the frame and the cutout on the inside of slide. Worked great on Ruger 10-22 mags and mag well. As I was finishing up and cleaning them before next use with some dish soap, i was told our ink jet printer wasn't working proper. the long stem worked great to reach up and clean off the ink drips. A little Dawn soap and that one is also ready for the next use. Great job Swab-its!

Love the Large Surface Swab Its

I just used the large surface Swab Its on my rifle and shotgun. They are great for cleaning all the spots that would take forever to clean with homemade cloth patches, and they never leave any lint behind. I also love the fact that they can be washed and dried and then can be re-used multiple times. A great product!
Also, they are made in the USA, so buying them supports American jobs!!

the bag fits the bill - a great combo of parts

These products really work, and they work well - nothing better.


I just finished testing out 4 of the new SWAB-ITS cleaning packages. The Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun and Gun tips. They are the ultimate patches. As a kid I had to cut patches out of old flannel shirts. They never perfectly matched the cal. Plus they periodically deposited threads. When I became an adult I moved to premade patches but they were costly. SWAB_ITS are reusable. Just wash and let dry. They screw into your gun cleaning rod just like any attachment. What is really cool though are their swabs. They resemble a cotton swab but are made of foam. They have fine point ones on up to broader tips. These are great to reach hard to get to spots when cleaning any of your guns. Try them once and you'll love them.

Swab-It Product Review, 01-18-2021

Swab-it Products help me clean difficult to reach places on my Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns, no longer have to use Q-Tips. Great in the Field and Deep Bench Rest Cleaning. Easy to Clean with Dawn Liquid Detergent so they can be used again. Not pricy and a great product to clean all of my Guns.

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