(SPECIÁLNÍ BALENÍ VŠECH VELIKOSTÍ) Vícekvětá čisticí hodnota-balení pro .22cal .30cal .357cal .40cal .45cal .45cal Vrtání-špičky® od Swab-its®: 41-7100


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Highly recommended

I think the swab its make gun cleaning very easy and a pleasure to do. They also clean up nicely as stated. I also think they are worth the money you spend for them. I myself will be purchasing more.

The greatest thing since bullets

The day after I received them I cleaned 6 of my hand guns and I was so surprised at how well they worked and it made the cleaning fun. No more patches and now I enjoy cleaning my guns.
P.S. I cleaned my wife's 22 pistol which I cleaned a week before and was surprised how much cleaner I this gun got using the Swab its. This is a great product and I can't wait till the shot gun ones come out.

Unsure At First

I was doubtful as too how these little foam swabs would work, I was thinking they were going to fall apart! How wrong I was! After a training session, I used the 40 cal. swab and my partner used the 9mm swabs to clean our weapons. Much to both our amazement they performed flawlessly and, more importrantly held together! We both agreed our weapons have never been cleaner! You now have two new converts! We both are now trying to convince others in our group to give them a try! I intend to to try more of your products!

Great Product!!

These are the greatest I've found yet for cleaning your firearms. I bought them for all calibers of guns I own. I've used, and loved, the Otis system but, would still find fibers left behind by the patches. NO FIBERS or other debris found after using Swab-Its. The inventors hit a "home run" with these handy little swabs! The "stick" type swabs they sell are also fantastic at getting into tight places.

my guns love these

I received a sample of bore-tips at the NRA Convention and they worked so well on my 45's that I had to have them in all calibers. Makes gun cleaning much more simple. Try them, you'll like them

Customer Reviews

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