0,30cal / 7,62mm Čištění pistole Bore-tips® od Swab-its®: Tampóny na čištění hlavně: 41-3001


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environmentally friendly

I purchased some for all my calipers. Very satisfied with the quality. Easy to clean for reuse. An excellent idea for gifting.

Greg Erway
Swab it .30/7.62

The 7.62/.30 works great. It is an awesome addition to my cleaning tools and I expect my clients will be interested in it too. Shipped quickly, no issues, minimal packaging which is good. All in all a great purchase and even better, it's economical. Thank you Swab it!!!!!!

Timothy Beal
Great swabs

While I have not used these swabs for a .30 barrel, I have been using them for cleaning out some stainless steel tubing that is the same size and these have heard up great. They do a better job of cleaning and last longer than the other pads i have been trying. These will be in my toolbox for cleaning for years to come.

Richard Rivers

These work very well for scrubbing (light build-up)but really shine when used as the last step after solvent is in the bore....one final push with a clean Bore-tip and junk pops out of the grooves like magic.

Austin Graywolf-Namba

These are a great value, 6 swabs giving you as many passes as 500 patches. These get a LOT of solvent into all of the nooks and crannies, and get the crud out of the corners of the grooves and any pits or dings. Very gentle on the bore. The only downside is that swab-its don't remove quite as much per pass as a properly fitted patch, but this is a great improvement over what most shooters, especially casual ones, use. Plus, since you should get over 100 passes per swab (mine show no wear at all after half that) and no more swapping of patches, it takes no more time or money than what you are already using. I plan to buy more, and may give some of these as gifts to shooters as well.

Customer Reviews

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